YWAM Targu Mures

Though communism wore down this country and the hearts of its people, we believe hope rises.


How we work


We believe that the way to reach people is through relationship. Before ministry can be started, it is our job to get to know and understand the people of this country, of this city. Fostering connections with many local churches, ministries and individuals is the first step to re-pioneering our YWAM base here. One thing we know about Jesus’ time on this earth was that He took the time to create and care for His relationships and so we want to do the same.



Once relationships have been formed, we want to equip those who come to our base for the work that the Lord is calling them to. Through training, staffing and other ministry opportunities, our heart is to give all who enter our doors the tools they need to spread the gospel around the world. The way this plays out looks different for each individual, but we would love to partner with you to join God in what He is doing in your life.



As followers of Jesus, we are called to know God and make Him known so we want to send out those that we disciple to all different parts of the world to share the love of Christ! We believe the gospel is GOOD NEWS and that it has the power to make an eternal impact on the hearts and souls of this earth.


We believe that local changes will make an eternal difference.


City & Culture

targu mures in 2019

Though not much English is spoken in our city, it is incredibly beautiful, historic and certainly growing. We are seeing new businesses popping up, especially in the past couple years, which will help this city to rise after the recent fall of communism.

When you come, you won’t be able to walk down the street without being tempted to buy a pastry (or three) from one of the many little windows and it won’t be long before you hear the loud bells of the citadel church ring out for hours at a time. Each street holds something new and cobblestoned alleyways can reveal some of the best restaurants or a monthly farmers market. It is a place where old meets new, where weary hearts yearn for healing, for restoration, for life again.


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